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Casework Drafting Services

Casework drafting is an important aspect of crafting home and commercial pieces of furniture that are meant to be scalable in terms of their production. From cabinets and racks to drawers and more, 1 on 1 Design Solutions is trusted by architects, carpenters, and other firms of all types to do casework drafting to meet individual businesses’ needs. We have been in the casework design industry for more than a decade, and in that time have worked with countless organizations to create designs and drawings that exceed client expectations and further our own industry knowledge and know-how. When you work with 1 on 1 Design Solutions, you work with highly trained professionals who are dedicated to each project they work on and treat each design they create with a sense of pride. 

Whether you’re working on a commercial or residential project, casework drafting you can count on will be integral to the process. At 1 on 1 Design Solutions, we make sure our drafting is thorough and thoughtful, so you can focus less on making sure designs will work and more on selling, installing, and implementing them.  

If you have any questions related to our casework design and drafting services, don’t hesitate to give us a call

Casework is drawn in plan, elevation, and section view and includes the following as required.

  • Dimensions necessary to construct cabinets 

  • Type and thickness of drawer members, including heights and depths 

  • Type and thickness of cabinet doors 

  • Section of each cabinet type or configuration 

  • Specification and location of special metal work and/or specialty items 

  • Provision for field dimensions 

  • Countertop details as required 

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