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Custom Wall Paneling Design

Custom wall panel design and drafting is one of many casework and millwork shop drawing services we offer to our clients. Whether your wall panels are going to be wood, wood veneer, laminate, or any other type of paneling, our drafters will create a panel design that is both functional and looks amazing. At 1 on 1 Design Solutions, we know that having a wall panel design that is complete, accurate, and buildable is your chief concern. That’s why with every design we make, we take care in ensuring the readability of our drafting so that what you expect is exactly what comes to fruition.  

When we draft custom wall panel designs, we consider even the most minor details that less attentive drafters might miss. It’s part of our commitment to being both thoughtful and thorough designers. What’s more, we can simply and quickly give you a quote when provided with the scope of work, relevant architectural blueprints or sketches, and any special instructions or requests you might have for the project. 

If you have any questions related to our custom wall panel design and drafting services, don’t hesitate to give us a call

Wall paneling is drawn in plan, elevation, and section view and includes the following details as required.   

  • Corner joints, both inside and outside 

  • Panel to panel joint 

  • Panel to base or floor joint 

  • Panel to crown or ceiling joint 

  • Attachment and hardware

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