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In-House Millwork Drafting and Engineering Support

We are here to assist your in-house engineering and drafting department with whatever you need.


We work with many different millwork companies in a variety of ways.  Whether you need us to complete only a portion of a project or the project in its entirety.  


  • Adapt to your drawing standards to create a uniform look for your clients they wont even know you didnt create your millwork shop drawings.


  • Learn your manufacturing processes and construction methods to produce buildable shop drawings.  See samples.


  • Use your drawing title block so your team can keep working without having to adapt to a new system.


Here is a list of things that will make your transition with us go smoothly:

  1. DWG/DXF Template of your title block

  2. Sample shop drawings from previous jobs in both pdf and dwg/dxf format.

  3. List of preferred hardware like: hinges, drawer slides, wall standards, brackets, panel hanging system, etc.



Give us a call today so we can discuss the ways you need us to help you.



Call Now : 1-800-283-3037


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