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Why are shop drawings important?

Millwork and casework shop drawings play an important role in the overall success of your project.



Shop Drawings Serve Many Purposes


Shop drawings serve as documentation.  

They reflect your understanding of the architects design and become a document that could be used to back up your manufactured product should any issues arise.


They combine the architect's concept with your real world manufacturing processes.

Applying your manufacturing pocesses to the concept of design to generate an accurate set of drawings that can actually be manufactured.


Shop drawings point out issues like insufficient information.

When things on the architectural plans are unclear shop drawings present a great opportunity to ask for clarification from the designer.


Shop drawings are your business card.

Providing a good clear set of shop drawings will go along way as you develop relationships with architects and general contractors.



Complete, accurate, and buildable shop drawings will increase your profits.  View sample shop drawings.


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